Circle Bracelet


No jewelry collection is truly complete without a circle bracelet. This John Medeiros Antiqua Collection Circle Bracelet is beautifully handcrafted in the US, and features intricate detailing around the dramatic center cubic zirconia. with a single rhodium plated braided style-like bracelet that is both comfortable and elegant. Features the barrel clasp and safety clasp for security. When your friends ask where you found this, tell them it’s featured at The Bronze Lady!

Antiqua Circle Bracelet by John Medeiros Jewelry Collections

Base Material Non-precious lead-free premium alloy with .05% silver, which is strong and lightweight.
Overlay/Finish/ Electronic Plate Rhodium and 14Kt Gold, a permanent non-tarnish, easy to care for finish. Rhodium, a derivative of platinum, has all the platinum attributes with the added benefit of being harder, lasting longer, and a whiter tone.
Length 7.25″
SKU B3221-AF00